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In two separate assignments Bucknell University retained HHK to review a Facilities Renewal Program and, separately, a Facilities Management Organization Review.

In the Facilities Renewal Program Review HHK provided consulting services for the facilities audit process for the Bucknell University Physical Plant Department. University concerns about the accumulation of deferred maintenance resulted in the desire to initiate a program of backlog reduction. Using The Facilities Audit authored by Harvey H. Kaiser, a review of concepts and methodology for data collection on facilities condition was conducted in a series of seminars for University staff.

In the Facilities Management Organization Review HHK Bucknell University retained HHK to review the Physical Plant Department. 

Bucknell is distinguished for its academic programs and superb campus environment.  A desire to continue the tradition of the highest level of maintenance, cleaning and capital reinvestment was coupled with concern for department efficiency and effectiveness prompted a review of current operations. 

The comprehensive review included an evaluation of organizational structure, staff size and responsibilities, work control process, and financial management and reporting.   Basic objectives were to answer the following questions:

  • Are we “organized” the way we need to be to meet the many challenges ahead?
  • Do we have the right numbers and types/mix of people in place?
  • As we plan for new buildings, how many people should we expect to bring in?
  • Benchmark us against either professional standards and/or other institutions.

Based on these questions, the Review’s objectives were determined as analyses and recommendations for the Bucknell University Physical Plant Department (BUPPD) in the following specific areas:

  • Organizational structure and reporting relationships
  • Policies, procedures, and practices
  • Staffing levels and assignments
  • Work flows and control
  • Work tasks/frequencies
  • Use of technology
  • BUPPD operating budget
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