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Comprehensive Facilities Study 

Georgia Institute of Technology

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The Georgia Institute of Technology retained a four-firm joint venture to prepare comprehensive facilities study for a long-range capital development plan, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the Plant Operations Department. The need to meet strategic goals to complement the legacy as the host site of the Olympics inspired the need for a facilities study as the basis of a campus master plan update and capital budget plan.  In addition, as the largest national undergraduate program engineering Tech was concerned about the adequacy of existing facilities to meet current and future space requirements for both undergraduate teaching and research programs.

The study included analysis and recommendations that was innovative as an integrated study of all factors incorporated into a comprehensive capital planning process. Study components included an emphasis on:

  • Space analysis of current conditions
  • Survey of competitive institutions and programs space standards
  • Space requirement forecast
  • Long-range capital development plan

Innovative techniques included in the space analysis and requirements forecast were the development of space planning standards for all room use types, based on extensive interviews, evaluation of existing conditions, benchmarking findings.  

HHK served as co-project manager with specific responsibilities for the integration of results of the space needs assessment and the facilities condition assessment. The study used sophisticated techniques to place existing facilities in categories of "programmatic quality" as guidance for future capital investments.  The integrated report identified future campus needs in five additive levels: space to be replaced, space needed to be competitive with comparable institutions, and three growth scenarios of different increments of reduced faculty student ratios.

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