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Harvey H. Kaiser Associates, Inc.
A Consulting Firm Specializing in: Architecture, Urban Planning & Facilities Management

  Harvard Graduate School of Education

  Cambridge, Massachusetts


   Jason Carlson
   Facilities Director
   Longfellow220, 617-496-5766, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In association with the Baker Design Group (Cambridge, MA), HHK prepared a campus master plan for the HGSE.  The HGSE was originally planned to relocate from a site in Cambridge adjacent to Radcliffe College to nearby Alton, MA across the Charles River.  In 2009, Harvard University suspended development of the new site.  The HGSE determined that it must improve its facilities in its current location and commissioned the master plan.

Services provided by the Baker Design Group and HHK were in three phases:

Phase 1: Data and Information Review
Phase 2: Design-preliminary and preferred planning scenarios
Phase 3: Implementation.

A highly interactive process included frequent meetings with a Steering Committee, campus administrators, faculty, staff, students, and briefings with Harvard University planning staff.  The process included individual and group interviews with many campus participants.

Phase 1 tasks, led by HHK, addressed the existing facilities concentrated on Appian Way, including a number of leased facilities in the Brattle Street area.  A goal of the Master Plan is to consolidate facilities through improved space utilization and construction of new facilities to enable termination of leases.  Phase 1, tasks ked by HHK were:

  • Developed a space program
  • Evaluated existing renewal backlog program
  • Created space management database

*Analyzed space utilization and recommend efficiency improvements

Phase 2 and 3 tasks, in which HHK participated, planning options were developed in consultation with the Harvard University Planning Office.
Implementation of Campus Master Plan recommendations commenced in summer 2011.

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