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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin New Territories, Hong Kong


Kim-Hong Thi Cheng, Director of Internal Audit

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Rm. 501, Mong Man Wai Building

Shatin, NT, Hong Kong

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong is a comprehensive research university with a program of management efficiency reviews. CUHK retained HHK to conduct reviews of the facilities management organization that includes the Estates Management Office (EMO) and Campus Development Office (CDO). The reviews engaged a broad cross-section of the University community and the Offices under review. Extensive interviews collected information for findings and recommendations to improve operations. A goal of the 1999 review, in addition to identifying operating efficiencies, was to recommend changes to accumulate 10% in operating cost reductions.

The terms of reference and objectives for the 2010 MER Update for EMO and CDO were to provide specific comments or recommendations on:

  • The right manpower level for CDO which bases on (a) the on-going projects and scope of work for the current year, (b) projects in the pipeline and anticipated scope of work each of the years leading to 2012, and (c) projected scope of work for 2012 and onwards.
  • The right manpower level for EMO at the anticipated scope of work for 2012 and onwards.
  • Opportunities for CDO and EMO to enhance the organization, performance and activities through re-organization, re-engineering, outsourcing, etc.

The 2010 MER Update’s objectives were framed by the urgency to meet the challenges for conversion from a three-year to a four-year undergraduate curriculum (3+3+4) in 2012. Thus the Update focused on the current operations of the CDO and EMO, in terms of status of 1999 MER recommendations and currently available resources and operating practices; organizational and resource requirements leading to 2012; and organizational and resource requirements beyond 2012.

Adoption of the recommendations occurred through a transfer of responsibilities between the two divisions of the organization and revisions in operating practices.

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