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Facilities Management Panel 

Secretary of the Navy 

United States Navy

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The U.S. Secretary of the Navy, concerned with dissatisfaction with the condition of shore infrastructure and the outcome of funding decisions, convened an independent panel to explore facility management and ownership costs.  The Panel was charged by the Secretary to identify improvements in, or changes to, management principles and processes that have the potential to confidently deliver the necessary Naval readiness in the most efficient manner.

The Panel’s charge was to review and validate:

  • Operational and support facility requirements derived from Naval Strategies and the link between operational readiness and facility conditions;
  • Accuracy of facility condition assessments and cost requirements;
  • Effective and efficient use of facility management resources;
  • Transformation of IT tools into an enterprise solution for facility management.

The Panel met for six months, gathering data through extensive interviews and presentations, reviewing reports, and visiting several east and west coast Navy and Marine bases for on-site evaluations.  The Panel put a particular focus on identifying specific improvements or changes in management principles and processes with potential to deliver the necessary Navy readiness in the most efficient manner. The Panel concluded its activities with a report and presentation to the Secretary in February 2003 using the theme “Nothing extra, nothing missing.”

A key recommendation implemented was the consolidation of Navy shore installation management into a single authority for all aspects of shore installation and facilities management.  Other recommendations adopted in whole or in part included improved shore installation management through leadership training; addressing excess space capacity; improved financial strategies for sustainment, restoration and modernization funding; improved support systems for cost accounting, revised facility inventory data collection, facility condition inspection, new resource programming models, and Information Management technology tools; and introduction of a feedback of performance model.

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