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Harvey H. Kaiser Associates, Inc.
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Facilities Renewal Forecasting is an estimating technique determining the funds necessary for allocation in the annual operating budget for capital reinvestment. A model is used to forecast an annual renewal allowance for needs that could occur and a pool of funds is defined to be accessed for projects as required. The forecasting method is part of a suite of decision support tools to address backlogs of deferred maintenance and capital reinvestment.


Below is a selected list of Facilities Renewal Forecasting clients:

  1. Boston College

  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  3. Packer Collegiate School (Brooklyn, NY)

  4. Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

  5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  6. Syracuse University

  7. United States Air Force Academy

  8. University of Arizona

  9. University of Missouri – Columbia

  10. University of Missouri – Rolla

  11. University of North Carolina General Administration

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